Afflecks, Manchester



Bruntwood were keen to restore the exterior of this iconic building and improve its physical appearance. Externally the building had become tired and was in great need of redecoration. Our client was keen to make a change from the non-original pastel colours and asked us to come up with something suitable for its renowned bohemian tenants. Our historical research and work on similar projects aided us in our proposals. Research showed that in 1903 the building had a predominantly brick finish, which would have been red in colour. We chose a red colour to match local ‘Manchester Red’ brickwork, contrasting with a sandstone colour to emphasise the buildings' historic features. A new ground level fascia and signage have been incoporated to unify recent changes to the facade, along with mosaics and sculptural metalwork to restore an eclectic, artistic image of Afflecks.

Affleks - Refurbished Front Facade
Afflecks - Facade Detail
Afflecks - Tree Detail
Afflecks - mosiac on the sixth day
Afflecks - tree