Why Use Atelier MB?

We bring quality, commitment and a flexible approach to client’s needs to every project. This is confirmed by an abundance of satisfied and repeat clients, resulting in much of our work secured on our past reputation. If you would like a reference for our excellent service and expertise, we will be delighted to pass on our clients' details, and we will let you speak to them directly.

Here are some more reasons for choosing Atelier MB.
Our History and Reputation
Our Award Winning Design and Approach
Our extensive Industry Contacts


We have a strong heritage and secure many repeat commissons on buildings. Having worked for some of our clients for a decade or longer, much of our work is secured on our past reputation and we are happy to put any prospective client in touch with existing clients to confirm our quality and commitment to every project.


Our work is regularly recognised in Industry awards and we have an excellent track record  for innovation in architecture and interior design. We listen to the client's brief and are flexible in our approach. We offer a full architectural service from inception to completion and beyond.


To help with projects, we bring the collective experience and resources of our partnership, our advisors and our extensive network of industry contacts to ensure that the best advice is given. Equally we have a succesful working relationship with planning departments throughout the Northwest of England and beyond. This enables us to give the best advice to our clients prior to submission of planning applications.


Our Top Class Organisation and Management

We have clear and defined management structures supplemented by an office quality manual which adheres to ISO 9001:2008. We hold a monthly, continuing Professional Development programme attended by all members of the organisation. Our regular monthly monitoring for each job sets out the previous month's performance against expectation. Contact us for more information on our systems which help ensure a high standard of service to all our clients.