As well as aiming for excellence in design and service provision, we aim for excellence in management. 

What We Do
Services and Sectors


Atelier MB work in a wide range of sectors for clients in the private and public arenas. Contracts generally range from £200,000 up to £20 million. We provide the following services:


Full Architectural Building Design Service from RIBA stages 0-6, Site Appraisal, Interior Design, Contract Administration, Building Appraisal, Historic Building Appraisal, Conservation Areas Appraisals, Heritage Asset Statements


Sectors Covered:


Urban Residential, Bespoke Private Residences, Listed buildings and Conservation Areas, Commercial/Offices, Restaurants and Bars, Education/Healthcare, Commercial/Retail

Our Quality Systems


With our quality system to the standards of ISO 9001, Atelier MB, are committed to consistency of our output and the continuous improvement of our office systems.


All our staff are fully trained in the quality systems and are introduced to the system as part of the induction process. 


The system is described fully in our quality manual which is reviewed at 6 monthly intervals.


6 monthly internal quality audits are conducted by an external consultant and an annual quality management review is carried out. Minutes of these audits are available on request. 

Management & Office Policies


In addition to our regular quality audits we ensure the smooth running of the practice with weekly workload and finance meetings supplemented by monthly operational and quality meetings attended by all members of staff. All our output is reviewed by a senior members of staff before issued. 


The practice hosts a monthly CPD (continuous professional development) for all staff. The presentations, hosted by industry experts, are approved by RIBA and cover a range of topics relevant to increase our professional knowledge.


We see our staff as our most valuable asset. To this end, all our staff have an individual training plan reviewed on a regular basis. 


Atelier MB have a range of polices which are updated and reviewed on an annual basis. Polices include health and safety, environmental, training, diversity and sustainability, amongst others.


Copies of these policies are available on request.