We are able to help in many ways and have identified a small selection of common problems which we solve for our clients.

How do we Work with Historic or Listed Buildings?
How can we enliven this building?


Often with some creative thinking, a tired building can be revitalised in the most unexpected way. We pride ourselves in the way we approach such a problem. There is no magic formula, but just a desire to improve in a commercially viable way, increase the value, usability or perception of a building. Look at Cardinal House for a positive example of how we have done this.


From redundant churches to underperforming office buildings, many of our commissions solve the problem of how to re-invent, improve or enhance listed properties. Our success comes from our dedicated Historic Buildings Consultant at Atelier Heritage. Thorough research, together with an innovative approach which preserves the fabric ensures an outcome of real value for the client.


In turn this sustains the commercial viability of the building and preserves it for the future. Examples can be found in our Conservation Section and Heritage Section.

Site Potential - How can we develop a site to maximum potential?
What can we do to improve your new/existing home?


We can use our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a quick answer to your question on the feasibility of a project. This will take the form of a feasibility study which can account for site conditions, planning opinions, building size, design, and sample costs. (In order to give the best possible advice, some services may be provided in association with our partners )


Creating your dream home or proposing exciting ways of using your existing space is our forte. The more unusual the better. Look at Residential for some examples.