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Tyldesley Heritage Action Zone


Atelier MB and Atelier Heritage are working with ‘For Tyldesley’ Community Interest Company following their successful bid for Historic England funding through the High Street Heritage Action Zones Programme. Grant Investment aims to improve Tyldesley’s historic high street making it a more attractive place to shop, work and live.


As part of the grant programme, Atelier MB and Atelier Heritage are currently engaged in a multi-property project to reinstate historic windows along Elliott Street. The scheme involves refurbishment and replacement of inappropriate modern interventions with high quality, high specification, timber framed alternatives and will see a return to historic form. Our strategy is based on careful research and close working with owners, partners and manufacturers.


Windows are the eyes of a building and reinstatement of original designs can make a huge difference to the appearance of historic properties and the wider street scene. We look forward to seeing the results in 2022. 

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