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Private House, Nottingham


We at Atelier love to work within the Historic Environment and to design to express the contrast between new and old.


This exciting, contemporary dwelling in Nottingham is in the historic core of the Keyworth Conservation Area, the building sits in the grounds of the Old Rectory, and is close to the Grade I listed Keyworth Church. 


Our passion and expertise is to understand what makes a place important and then respond in a contemporary manner to support that. We wanted to continue the historic narrative of the site by providing a fine and modern building of its time. The house we are creating respects the site lines and existing views in Keyworth, and yet is a potent building in its own right. The development was supported by the Council, the Conservation Officer and the Planners and planning consent was gained in October 2014.


We have a happy client and we at Atelier are all very excited to be delivering this cool, open plan, airy place for them to live.

Heritage Services by Atelier Heritage

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