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Our Approach
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We are experienced professionals, architectural problem solvers and creative thinkers, who use good design to transform spaces and add value. 



We bring fresh ideas to existing buildings and new sites.  


We re-consider, re-shape and re-new; evolving and adapting what already exists because we believe character is valuable, heritage is important, and re-use is sustainable. 


Atelier MB want to be recognised for delivering outstanding, inventive, and responsible architecture, turning spaces into places. 


We are serious about the role of architecture in reducing carbon footprint and committed to adaptation and innovation. 



We work with what we find, responding to character and context because we know that individual sites need individual solutions. 


We listen to the aspirations of our clients and use experience, creativity, and knowledge to design clever, sustainable solutions. 


We are driven by a core set of values which guide our approach to everything we do. 


We are 

  • Respectful – of our clients, our heritage and history, of our team and our environment. 

  • Considered – we take time to understand our projects, explore options and engage in creative thinking. 

  • Innovative- we strive to produce inventive, imaginative and individual designs. 

  • Committed – to providing the best quality results for clients and their buildings, to looking after our team, and to delivering low carbon solutions. 

  • Motivated- we work with and for our clients to get the best results.  

  • Sincere – we say it like it is; we encourage dialogue and debate. 

  • Collaborative – we build relationships and retain a flexible approach to projects. 

  • Trusted – by our clients, by our team and by heritage bodies. 

  • Professional – we are qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and informed. 

  • Enthusiastic – we delight in our work and in the built environment; we inspire our team and clients with our passion for outstanding design and architecture. 

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