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Options Appraisals and Viability Studies 

Challenging sites need imaginative solutions. An options appraisal or viability study can be the best way to reveal the possibilities for re-use of historic buildings. These studies are often the first step required by grant funding bodies and allow a degree of market testing to explore the long-term viability of alternative proposals, enabling informed decisions to be taken by building owners. 


Atelier MB and Atelier Heritage combine conservation accredited architects with heritage specialists. Our knowledge and experience of working with and for commercial developers and not-for-profit organisations, as well as previous work on grant funded projects, enables us to offer a single-point service. Together we deliver well-considered reports which assess heritage significance, explore and test several possible architectural solutions, cost alternatives and set out potential funding and delivery mechanisms. 


Our staff are experienced in working with developers, building preservation trusts, private owners and local authorities. Our understanding of the need to balance investment, funding and end values is evident in our commitment to identifying deliverable and sustainable schemes. We are imaginative in our proposals, considering each site in its specific context and searching for the most viable and least harmful design solutions. 


A typical options appraisal study will assess the context and significance of the heritage asset, identify demand for options, provide initial costings and highlight funding gaps, and explore the benefits, risks and viability of the preferred solutions. We have knowledge of various delivery and funding mechanisms and can assemble expert teams to assist with surveys, quantity surveying and community engagement if required, enabling us to offer a comprehensive service. 

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