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Collier Street Baths, Salford



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Atelier Heritage and Atelier MB were commissioned by Salford City Council to undertake an options appraisal study for the now derelict Collier Street Baths. Designed by Thomas Worthington and an extremely rare example of surviving mid-19th century baths, the building is Grade II* listed. The laundry wing was demolished to construct Trinity Way, but the bathing pools remain, along with unusual early laminated trusses.


Guided by the constraints of the site context, we explored several traditional commercial end uses alongside a more inventive proposal for the housing of a CHP plant to service the immediate neighbouring apartments, utilising the excess free heat produced within a new glass enveloped hot house which would serve as an education, retail and visitor attraction.


Our report included costings and identification of conservation deficits for the different options. We proposed potential funding strands and recommendations were made for ongoing management and maintenance of the building. Our final report was well received by Salford City Council who welcomed its innovative proposals. We remain hopeful that this important slice of Salford heritage will be brought back into viable end use. 

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