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Cardinal House, Manchester



Cardinal House was a typical, cheap product of the 70s having a minimal entrance space and lift lobbies. This was a time when the drive was to maximise space as cheaply as possible and there was no real thought given to the actual ‘arriving’ or use outside that of a workspace. The original toilets were also poorly designed and in need of reimagination. The original dull façade, and approach to the building, has now been transformed with a light glass entrance foyer incorporating space for a concierge, a waiting area and a disabled lift to afford full access to all. 

New space is unified with the existing space by the use of a central ceiling panel which leads you into the building and curves into the rear wall. Lighting reinforces the design intention. The interior incorporates a new ‘honed limestone’ stairway. Neutral tones predominate whilst contrasting materials such as brushed stainless steel, cedar and Iroko and bold colours such as shocking pink, reflect the buildings' 1970s origins, yet give a futuristic feel. The common parts have similarly been upgraded with improved lift lobbies and carefully crafted new toilet provision.

This entrance hall was considered pioneering when completed and was used as a point of reference by a lot of agents to show other building owners how successful a solution this could be for them to adopt.

Interior design by Atelier MB

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