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Bolton Business Centre



These former Baths and Assembly Rooms are on the outskirts of Bolton town centre. They were built in the mid 19th century at a time when the town was thriving, fuelled by the textile industry. A national drive to improve sanitary conditions and boost public health, aided by the Public Baths and Wash houses Acts, saw the erection of public baths throughout Britain, including this example which featured 3 pools, alongside meeting and assembly rooms. 


The building sits within a group of late 18th century/early 19th century masonry properties including Globe Works (former hosiery factory) and the Miner’s Hall. 


Following the closure of the facility in the late 1970s, the majority of the original baths were lost completely, ornate interiors stripped out, and the back substantially re-built to facilitate office use. 


Working with Atelier MB Architects and Sheila Bird Studio, a Heritage Statement was produced to inform and justify a much needed renovation to breathe new life into this once grand municipal building.  


Previous inappropriate additions were removed from the space, the timber structure was restored, and an internal mezzanine created. Research and a heritage report formed a solid basis for proposals which incorporate the existing patina, enhance the historic frontage, allow for disabled access and add unique contemporary interventions.  


Injected with a new life, the building is back in long term use again. 

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